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A Simple Outsourced Live Chat Resource

A human to human live chat multi channel service....we are real people, not bots.

We guarantee to save you money on your operating costs and improve your customer experience.

Our guarantee means that if we do not increase your customer satisfaction within three months, we will not charge you again until we do!

We believe in keeping it simple, we add the software to your site, and manage all your customers chats with our UK based in house team. You could have a live chat button on your website within 2 days, your website will be your “front of house” for amazing customer experience and increased conversions.

How to get started

(It's easier than you think!)

Step 1

An informal discussion, you have decided you like the look of us!

Step 2

We get to know you, we provide a toolkit that makes this an easy process for you to share what we need to know.

Step 3

Next step we add live chat to your website (takes minutes) and brand the little speech bubble and button that sit on your website in your colours and logo.

Step 4

We start chatting to your customers.

Step 5

Reports are created to keep you up to date with activity, every step of the way.

Benefits of using Live Chat Factory

Understand your customers

We can identify trends and issues reporting back to you in real-time. Collaborating with you to make your business succeed. 72% of customers expect to see live chat on a website.


Live chat swiftly solves customers’ issues, improving loyalty through quick, quality responses.

Increase your ROI

Our agents can support 4/5 of your customers at the same time through live chat. Encouraging them to make informed decisions around purchasing or your service. 79% of consumers agree that receiving prompt answers to their queries impacts their buying decisions.

WOW your customers

Live Chat Customer Service Report 2019 – 67% of businesses now use live chat for customer support. Real-time reporting of trends and issues ensures you business never misses an opportunity to connect.

Simple Integration






Still not sure? How does a zero-commitment free trial sound?


Our aim is to surpass your expectations and deliver the highest quality customer service. It’s what we do today, that impacts tomorrow. So wait no longer, make a change with Live Chat Factory and exceed what you ever thought possible!

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