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It’s easy to have live chat on your website

Live Chat or Web Chat might seem to some of us, like something bigger companies do to communicate with their clients. they do not need live chat, that their business is not busy enough.

The thing is, lots of smaller businesses are thinking about offering a live chat service to their clients , and potentially need to. Visitors to your website want immediate answers to their queries, a live chat agent will respond accordingly. Finance and resource can sometimes be a barrier to getting started with live chat, or lack of time getting it all arranged.

Spend wisely, invest in Outsourced Live Chat.

Outsourcing, and letting someone else organise the Live Chat Process for you, can be the answer. That’s exactly why I wanted to set up an outsourced live chat business. to support businesses to have the chance to see what a dedicated live chat team can achieve for them.

The message about the benefits of live chat have become clearer now, especially since Lockdown. However, when I have told people I am setting up a live chat business, some people are confused. What exactly is it, they say? Well, I’m glad you asked!

So, setting up an outsourced live chat is simple. STEP 1 – Your chosen provider will ask you, all about your business, have you got any FAQ’s? what objectives do you have for live chat. These could be around customer service, sales, bookings, complaints or lead generation. STEP 2 – adding the required software to your website. This is something you can do, or you can ask your developer. Either way this is really straightforward, with no disruption to existing systems. STEP 3 – The chats begin, your outsourced agents will chat on your behalf, updating your CRM (if you have one) and giving you continuous feedback and reporting back, with agreed objectives and KPI’s.

What your customers see – there’s a small box on your website, called a chat widget. It is usually on the bottom right hand side of the screen, asking your visitors to chat with you or leave a message. This can be customised for your brand and your visitors will believe they are chatting with one of your employees. That is why it is really important to have a provider who believes in giving first class customer service.

Live Chat Starring on a website near you.

Just to mention there are a couple of options live chat use, to engage with visitors to your website. The chat widget, remains static on your website moving with the visitor from page to page. Some businesses use live chat strategically and place the widget on specific pages only. Of course, it’s up to your visitors if they want to chat. The other option is a pop up, this is really useful if someone is undecided about a service or a purchase, a timely personalised “can we help” might be the decision maker.

I am truly passionate about the benefits of live chat, and given the choice, its my preferred channel of communication. I use live chat often and sometimes its good and sometimes not. One thing I do know is that live chat, has definitely improved over the years. According to statistics by 2021, live chat will be the number one choice for communicating with businesses and services. That’s definitely something to think about.

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