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Good Customer Service Means Money in the Till

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Conclusion: Transforming your customer service department powerhouse requires a strategic approach. By implementing cross-selling and upselling techniques, offering premium support services, leveraging self-service options, gamifying customer support, and fostering collaboration across departments, you can unlock the true potential of your customer service interactions.

It’s easy to have live chat on your website

Live Chat or Web Chat might seem to some of us, like something bigger companies do to communicate with their clients. they do not need live chat, that their business is not busy enough. The thing is, lots of smaller businesses are thinking about offering a live chat service to their clients , and potentially […]

What is Live Chat?

If you are in business, you will have most likely heard of live chat or web chat. We all seem to be using live chat, even when we don’t know exactly what to call it. I know when I mention my business… Outsourced Live Chat, I sometimes get a ahhh! really! from people who are not sure or a […]