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Web based businesses

I am constantly online with my business. I support businesses 24/7 with a mix of Live Chat Agents and Chatbots.

I came across this the other day “7-50 Potential Online Business Ideas That Could Make You Rich”

I thought interesting!

Especially as I provide a comprehensive live chat answering service for web based businesses….this is not a plug by the way. I am just thinking lightbulb moment, opportunity of work for my live chat operators! maybe.

All these businesses will need someone to chat to all their customers.

The more I read the more I found that these businesses sound great, easy to set up and potentially could be successful. If only it was that easy!

I started thinking about all the other things a start up business needs. Starting an online business like any business has lots of processes and protocols to think about. An online shop….Not on the High Street.

For me one of the biggest areas to cover was my marketing strategy, and then, keeping it alive and meaningful.

Chat Support Provider

A start up, online business, has to rely on its marketing presence to grow.

Great if you have money to employ a marketing team to do the work for you.

Of course not everyone does. A lot of online businesses start at home, myself included. Why not coffee is cheap and you know where the loos are!

How do I sell all this?

We can all be seduced by how easy it is to start buying and selling websites or luxury holidays or offer a 3D printing service. All these businesses will need ongoing support, need help with marketing, sales, lead generation, finance, communication, SEO, software, operations and strategy.

You maybe really lucky and have this in place before you start your online business, although, those support networks might become necessary when you want to scale your business, and grow. They are all relevant to your web based business becoming successful online.

If you have made the decision to start an online business, ask for help. The right people will come to support you. There is lots to think about and whether you are paying for BPO Business Process Outsourcing like HR and IT, employing staff or have voluntary help, get the best.

I absolutely needed support, and was not in a position to fund it all myself. I started by networking, obvious channels like Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. Joined the local Chamber of Commerce, and asked some of my network for advice and support and found a mentor who did not charge me until I got my first few clients. Very kind! and my gorgeous nephew helped build my website.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if it is what you want to do, great! however, know that whilst those online businesses are proven good ideas, like any business there is, and will be loads of hard work along the way and steep learning curves. Get that support figured out beforehand, and give it your best shot! why not.

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