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Good Customer Service Means Money in the Till

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Conclusion: Transforming your customer service department powerhouse requires a strategic approach. By implementing cross-selling and upselling techniques, offering premium support services, leveraging self-service options, gamifying customer support, and fostering collaboration across departments, you can unlock the true potential of your customer service interactions.

Your customers have gone digital

Digital transformation is continuing. According to a report by KPMG 80% of customers intend to stay with digital channels they have become familiar with. Even when things get back to “normal” This is not surprising, given the rapid adoption of digital by businesses, wanting to keep in touch with their customers over the past six […]

Web based businesses

I am constantly online with my business. I support businesses 24/7 with a mix of Live Chat Agents and Chatbots. I came across this the other day “7-50 Potential Online Business Ideas That Could Make You Rich” I thought interesting! Especially as I provide a comprehensive live chat answering service for web based businesses….this is […]