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Your customers have gone digital

Digital transformation is continuing.

According to a report by KPMG 80% of customers intend to stay with digital channels they have become familiar with. Even when things get back to “normal”

This is not surprising, given the rapid adoption of digital by businesses, wanting to keep in touch with their customers over the past six months. It has steered customers to a new way of engaging, and, they like it.

Whats not to like? sending a query through messenger, or resolving an issue through live chat via the website, at any time in any place, just makes it so much easier. Imagine being on your way to work, and you have forgotten to cancel an order, you can sort it out before you even get there.

Hybrid Live Chat done well can become your 24/7 service.

Businesses have stepped up to the mark, ushering in digital technologies ahead of schedule. There is a down side, in some cases the customer has been left behind.

Campaigns like #cantcomplain by resolver, highlighted by Alex Neil, and the One Show, are inundated with examples of poor service – not being able to get through on the phone so using the alternative options email, live chat, or messenger, and still not able to connect or get an answer.

Waiting in a queue for a chat, then when finally through, being cut off. Worse still not being responded to at all.

Businesses are looking for outside resource to help with the overwhelming communication appearing through digital channels. This makes sense, it keeps customers engaged, happy, and loyal to their brand, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new team.

This omnichannel support is evolving all the time, It’s important all stakeholders are on the same page, the customer is always first! aligning yourself with the right outsourced support is key.

Introducing new ways of working costs and businesses are treading a fine line between the affect on their financials and offering a high quality service through digital channels. However, customers expect it, and its a wise investment. Whether its in house or outsourced, getting the right guidelines in place can make it an enjoyable experience for the customer and the employee.

Saas is now commonplace in the business world, so why not outsource all of your live chat to experienced chatters, agents who can take 4/5 chats at a time from your customers preferred channel. Makes sense right? I would say that though!

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